Directions to the Lab

Our lab is located in the Presbyterian Hospital on 168th St and Broadway.

  • Access building from Emergency Department entrance - marked with a yellow star on the map above
  • Go through the security/front desk, you may have to fill a covid attestation form
  • If the security officers ask, let them know that you have an appointment with our lab on the 19th floor of PH (the Presbyterian Hospital building). They may ask for proof in the form of an email, or they may want to call and confirm. Feel free to call the cell phone of the person you will be meeting in our lab. If that doesn't work, you can try reaching our office phone at +1 212 342 0863, but try to contact your person directly first!
  • Walk past the front desk, up the short flight of stairs and through the doors, then make a right and walk until you reach the hallway junction with the 5 Presbyterian building elevators
  • Take one of the elevators to the 19th floor, and follow the signs directing you to the Human Genetics Resource Core (a left turn from the set of 3 elevators, a right turn from the set of two elevators)
  • You will pass first through a grey door (passing a stairwell on your right), then continue straight through a wooden door (with a sign for the Human Genetics Resource Core), walk up a set of stairs, and finally pass through a third doorway
  • Take a left in this hallway to enter one more doorway to access the lab hallway. The dry lab space is located through the doors on your left, and Elisa's office is located down the hall inside of the lab space, through the second door on your right (room 19-418A)